Voltage Monitors


 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Question:  Why do I need a voltmeter when my aircraft already has an Ammeter?


Answer:    In detecting and diagnosing electrical system problems voltmeters have many advantages over the factory-installed ammeters. They also indicate how much battery reserve is left after an alternator/generator failure.  For more information see differences between ammeters and voltmeters.html


Question:  I noticed that Visual Instruments sells several different Voltage Monitors      

                   what is the difference between these different models?


Answer:   Besides being FAA approved and built to PMA standards P/N 2000-26000 /12-volt model and P/N 2000-2650 / 24-volt models include automatic dimming. Theses models are also are more accurate than the low cost 86612-95010 model. They also have a switch on the back, which sets the display mode to either Dot or Bar graph mode. The unit is only FAA approved when the display is set to Dot mode.


Question:  How long will it take my mechanic to install the Voltage Monitor?


Answer:    A good mechanic should be able to perform the installation in about an hour.  This includes making the logbook entries and filling out all the FAA paper work. When we developed this product we went to great lengths to make the installation simple and provide the necessary forms pre-filled out to make the process as quick and painless as possible.



Question:  On the Web pages, noticed several different orientations of the meter, some vertical mounted and some horizontal. How do I specify this when I order?


Answer:    All of our voltage monitors are shipped with both face labels, so any Monitor can be installed in any orientation simply select the correct label at the time of installation.



Question:  What is the price of the Visual Instruments 12V and 24V Voltage Monitors?


Answer:    All of our voltage monitors are priced at only $149.00 each plus shipping & handling.